Words Dance has one aim: To spread mind-blowing / heart-opening poetry. We artfully & carefully wrangle words that were born to dance wildly in the heart-mind matrix. Rich, edgy, raw, emotionally-charged energy balled up & waiting to whip your eyes wild; we rally together words that were written to make your heart go boom right before they slay your mind, you dig?


We are an independent press out of Pennsylvania. We work closely & collaboratively with all of our writers to ensure that their words continue to breathe in a sound & stunning home. Most importantly though, we leave the windows in these homes unlocked so you, the reader, can crawl in & throw one fuck of a house party. CLICK HERE to visit our About Page.


Through our bimonthly online poetry magazine, our beautiful perfect bound books by our remarkable lineup of poets & through our blog that publishes poetry from past & present issues of the magazine plus art, interviews, reviews, writing prompts & music by an ever-awesome staff of poets! We also take submissions for various features, take a peek!


We like Poems that bloody your mouth just to kiss it clean. Poems that that act like a tin can phone connecting you to your childhood. Poems that are the matches when there is a city-wide power outage. Poems that are soft enough to fall asleep on. Poems that will still be clinging to the walls inside of your bones on your 90th birthday. We like poems. Submit yours.

30 Mar 14
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FREE Download:

Love and Other Small Wars
Book Box
, download here!

Comes with 6 cards with quotes from the book that fit inside the box!

Ideas for use:

• Collect ALL of Words Dance’s Book Boxes (here) & display ‘em. Let them be the legendary conversation pieces they dream of being. They were made for this.

• Print them up & leave them around town. Leave one behind on a bus or train seat. On a library or bookstore shelf.

• Have a lit lovin’ friend / lover / relative? Introduce them to the series by printing the first few up as gifts. A book bundle. Creative? Make a box set!

• Use them as gift boxes. Think jewelry. Or handmade soap. Magnetic poetry? Lip balm. Chewing gum? (Airplane bottles of liquor won’t fit, my apologies.)

• Get meta with it. See here.

Love + Books,


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